Warranty for PREMIUM machines


We, PRIMA Equipment – Service Oost I B.V., as quality equipment provider for your used HYUNDAI machines and subsidiary of  the Dutch HYUNDAI importer  Van der Spek, provide our PREMIUM machines, with warranty.

The PREMIUM machines are marked with a PREMIUM logo in the listing of the machine. These machines are generally younger than 4 years with less than 4000 hours.

The warranty is valid for a period of three months (but not more than 500 working hours), starting after delivery EXW (Incoterms 2010).

The warranty is on the driveline only, as follows:
Wheel loaders, dump trucks, dozers: engine, transmission, final drives. 
Excavators: engine, final drives, main hydraulic pumps.

Know the quality you buy

As subsidiary company of the Dutch  HYUNDAI importer Van der Spek, all service, repairs and updates are carried by well trained and experienced mechanics, with genuine HYUNDAI parts.

Most of our machines (PREMIUM or not) will be inspected by MEVAS;  a German inspection company, that has no ties with PRIMA Equipment. It is a worldwide respected independent inspection company.  If a report is available, it is attached to the listed machine.  There will be no surprises for you.

Terms: https://primaequipment.eu/deliveryterms/

Inspection by MEVAS of used HYUNDAI Equipment